Title                  Erosion N°1

Dimension       127x107cm

Year                 12/2015

Media               Indian black ink and Woodless pencil
on Arches Rives 300g white paper 100% cotton





12 May 2015 – Day 1 Step 1

13 May – Day 2 Step 2

14 May – Day 3 Step 3

14 May – Day 3 Step 4

15 May – Day 4 Step 5

15 May – Day 4 Step 6



“Volviendo al blanco” in Spanish means, coming back to white. I began this mural with a geometric grayscale shape

and during the festival’s week, day after day, I kept working on it as if it was something organic or exposed to erosion.

The original shape has begun to consume changing form and appearance until it deteriorated completely and has vanished.





And this picture below is how I left the wall as a statement about my performative wall painting.