Roberto Ciredz represents fully and worthy one of the most interesting interpreters of Italian abstract urban movement, in other words all those artists who consciously choose to abandon a figurative depiction in order to embrace, through studies and different contents, the development of forms and abstract elements.

The work of Ciredz sink its roots in the personal and peculiar visual research that the artist keep pursuing through a chromatic variable approach, from grey scale of his earliest works to the characteristic blue and more recently the use of a range of colour temperature in his latest productions.

Throughout this precise choice, it develops his work of art through a clean and minimal approach.

Figures and elements represented by Ciredz are the direct result of topographical studies on terrestrial maps and diagrams, by the ripples, waves, from the graphs of revelation, going through all the different elements that put together these studies and are dissected by the artist through a precise connotation stylistic and thematic who wink his eye to the elements and natural forms.

On the idea of ​​Ciredz there is a reflection on nature and humans and their intrinsic relationship that develop through a texture of colors well rooted, the use of colors is made through deep shades of color scale that blend in a three-dimensional context going in this way to simulate graphics and composing a texture and moving elements that have in their crypticity their own big fascination.

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